Day Two Hundred Twenty Two: August 9

By: Kevin

Aug 09 2012

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I grew up with a certain ritual of games played every night when my dad got home from work.  My brother and I would line up on a carpet seam and race down the hall back to the bedroom and, while dad took off his shoes and his jacket and his tie, he would insist that we not jump on the bed.  Surely enough, my five year-old self and two year-old brother gleefully climbed up and did exactly that…jumped on the bed, laughing, giggling, and squealing.  Until dinnertime we laughed and jumped and wrestled our way through bonding time with dad and a break time for mom.

I had happy dreams that I would play with my own children in a similar way.  But you see here that I am clearly the B-list parent in my household.  Mommy, on the other hand, is Miss Popular.  J wants her all the time, and jealous M demands Mommy’s attention not because Miss Independent wants it for herself, but instead because she doesn’t want her brother to get it.  This leaves me decidedly the fourth wheel in my house.

So on this life in a day, J had crawled up into Mommy’s lap and then M insisted she wanted to sit in Mommy’s lap as well.  Of course the lap wasn’t big enough for the two of them, and this meant that J had to leave.  Mommy got M out and J crawled back in, which prompted Mommy to try and get both M and J out of her lap again…all in the vain hope that she could get up and make dinner.  By the third try, here’s Mommy in the picture of the day, trying to fend off both kids, each of which is trying to crawl in her lap.

Maybe my consolation prize is that I’m the only one that the cat likes.