Day Two Hundred Twenty Five: August 12

By: Kevin

Aug 12 2012

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Category: August

Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/30 sec

Mommy and Daddy and Oma go for a Sunday night picnic in Burke Lake Park.  Along the way, they stop for a picnic dinner at KFC and even remember to get you some popcorn chicken, your favorite food from KFC.  But then they get there and choose a picnic table, horror of horrors, within sight of the playground.  Not only that, but they tell you that you can’t play until you’ve eaten your popcorn chicken.

You curse your luck that you have such cruel parents and dig in to your first bite of your favorite meal.  But then you hear the whistle of the train pulling from the station and electric organ as the carousel horses begin their mechanically rhythmic journey.  You long to go down there, but like a Greek tragedy, you are confined to the cruel master of a caloric intake.

None of the diversions of that 1% of toddlers in the privileged class are for you.  You, you must eat your popcorn chicken before you may leave the table.  Still, when Mommy is distracted by feeding J, you manage to sneak away from the table and stare longingly at the Iron Horse beginning yet another epic journey that ends right back where it began.

A picnic in the park.  One of your favorite foods for dinner.  But having to wait until you’ve finished your dinner before you can even go down there…it’s a fate worse than…well, might as well say it, it’s a fate worse than dinner.