Day Two Hundred Nineteen: August 6

By: Kevin

Aug 06 2012

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Category: August

Focal Length:32mm
Shutter:1/125 sec

It was a rough afternoon. I put the kids to bed. I reinserted the pacifier for the umpteenth time. I just wanted to take out the garbage and be done. The last thing I wanted to do was look up. But I did. And then, when I did, I dropped the garbage on the stoop and ran back inside for the camera. This is what I saw.

Such amazing pinks and purples. Surely God smiles.

Official U.S. Naval Observatory sunset time for the two hundred nineteenth sunset of the two thousand and twelfth year is 8:14 PM. In contrast, on the first day of summer, Day One Hundred Seventy Nine, the sun set at 8:38 PM back on June 21st. The sun rises noticeably later now, and sets noticeably earlier.

It is a small, subtle reminder that we are, by now, on the back half of this journey around the sun…closer to the end of 2012 than we are to the beginning.