Day Two Hundred Thirteen: July 31

By: Kevin

Jul 31 2012


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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/125 sec

Mommy had “one of those days”.  So after dinner tonight, I announced that the kiddos and I were going on a walk so that Mommy could have some alone time to do things she needed to do for herself, and maybe even some things she wanted to do for herself.  But as I cleared the dinner dishes, I heard thunder go BOOM!

“Don’t worry, that storm will just skirt by us.” I assured Mommy.  But, before long, the heavens opened, and it rained so hard that it even passed the cats and dogs phase on to the small equine creatures page.  Mommy came downstairs from vacuuming “How’s that skirting working out for you?”.  So we were all stuck inside, with nowhere to go but watch it rain.

Fear not, though, because J loved watching it rain, loved watching the wind blow the leaves, and loved watching the sun shine through it all.  In downloading this picture off the camera, I recognized that I am going to have to buy some stock in a shoe company.  From the looks of his hands and feet already at the age of nearly eight months, J is going to be A BIG MAN!!  Look at those hands!!

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  1. Maybe he’ll grow up to 12 AAA’s.

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