Day One Hundred Sixty Two: June 10

By: Kevin

Jun 10 2012

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I’m a secret chef.  Mommy accuses me of holding out on her.  The first Thanksgiving we were married, I told her I was going to make pecan pie for Thanksgiving dinner.  She scrunched her nose and said “Honey, they don’t sell pecan pie filling in the commissary.”  I said no, don’t worry, I was going to make it from scratch.  Her next observation was that I didn’t even have a crust.  No problem, said I, I would make a crust.  She gave me her best “Yeah, right!!” face before settling back to her lesson plans.

Sure enough, an hour and a half later, a pecan pie popped out of the oven.  And, sure enough, she had to give me props.  She says I held out on her; that through five years of dating my culinary contributions had been limited to frozen pizza and Pllsbury cinnamon rolls.  But when she tasted the pie, she had to admit I was at least a good pastry chef.

Tonight I made key lime pie for the church youth group end of year barbeque.  I think it turned out nicely, and the little leftovers suggest that others agreed, too.  Obviously I haven’t won over M, just yet…