Day One Hundred Seventy Seven: June 25

By: Kevin

Jun 25 2012

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Category: June

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I didn’t even notice it.  I was too busy with other things…thinking about work, ready for dinner, and despite the fact that I’d only been home for half an hour, already thinking about what I was going to do when the kids went to bed and my time was mine…you know, that is, after I finish my daily missal from The Life In a Day.

M noticed it first, and, because everything that goes through her head comes straight out of her mouth, she soon announced it so we could all know “Daddy there’s a WAINBOW on the floor!!” 

And, suddenly, for one of the first times ever, M left her brother alone in order to inspect our polychromatic visitor.  She got down on her hands and knees and examined it, nose to the carpet.  She waved her hand over it, examining as the rainbow past through the shadow of her hand, and delighting as the refracted sunlight cast the rainbow on her own hand instead of on the carpet below.

Then the questions started.  “Mommy, how is there a wainbow on the floor?”  Mommy answered “M, it’s called a prism.  When the sun shines through the window just right, it makes a rainbow on the floor.”  M answered “No it’s not, Mommy, that not a pwism, that’s a wainbow!!”  Recognizing that this could go on forever, I said “Hey M, tell Mommy that that stands for Pink Floyd.”  Mommy answered, “Hey M, tell Daddy that if he tells you about Pink Floyd, he has to let you listen to it…now.”

We’ll just leave it at mystical rainbows on the floor.  On this life in a day, I praise God for the simple pleasures of children, who find ways to be fascinated, even amazed by the things I am too busy, or too cynical, to notice.