Day One Hundred Seventy Five: June 23

By: Kevin

Jun 23 2012

Category: June

Focal Length:250mm
Shutter:1/8 sec

We were surprised this morning when two hawks landed on our deck railing.  They sat on our deck railing and looked for mice and squirrels in the yard below.  Whenever I come home, I always enjoy the chance to just drive around the neighborhood and see what’s changed.  Most of it is development; concrete an asphalt now in places where green grass grew before.  Yet in some places, the landscape grows more wild instead of less so.  Mom and Dad say they have seen this hawk several times, have seen deer in the yard and in the creek, and likely after the deer, one or more coyotes.

In ancient times, a community of mound-building Native Americans lived here.  An important trading road, known as the Hightower Trail, passed not far from here and is the namesake of nearby Hightower Elementary in the DeKalb County School District.  In more modern times, the road still existed and was one of the key inroads for white settlers entering the North Georgia piedmont from coastal Savannah in the early 1800s.  These lands have long been known for their abundance of wildlife, old growth forests, and numerous water sources.

You just don’t find this atmosphere in Northern Virginia.  There, fields are clear-cut and razed to build cookie cutter houses.  The only wildlife we see at home are mosquitoes.  Tomorrow I go home, so I’ll spend one last night under the tall trees before packing up and heading out in the morning.