Day One Hundred Fifty Nine: June 7

By: Kevin

Jun 07 2012

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Category: June

Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/80 sec

Sometimes, while M is in the bath, J peeks in. M finds this hysterical.  Then, after he peeks in once, he does it again.  Sometimes he peeks in way up high.  Sometimes he peeks in way down low.  Sometimes he makes a circle.  Sometimes he crosses from one side of the door to the other and then spends some time peeking in the opposite side of the door.

No matter where J peeks in, M squeals like this is the funniest thing she has seen all day. J picks up on his sister’s glee and breaks into his trademark ear-to-ear grin while kicking like crazy.

On this life in a day, I give thanks that my children love each other.