Day One Hundred Twenty Seven: May 6

By: Kevin

May 06 2012

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Category: May

Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/100 sec

Sometimes I have to work hard to get an image for the life in a day.  Other times it seems like the image just falls out of the sky, custom-made, into my lap.  Today, the image literally fell out of the sky and, in this case, landed on the side of the highway.

This smiley-face mylar balloon landed on the side of the highway, about a quarter mile from my house.  It landed in the grass, among the cigarette butts, and the hubcaps, and Starbucks cups going back at least three logo designs ago.

Somewhere, a child is crying over his or her lost balloon tonight.  But at least for you and me here, we have a little bit of serendipity, something that will hopefully make you smile.