Day One Hundred Forty Four: May 23

By: Kevin

May 23 2012

Category: May

Focal Length:79mm
Shutter:1/500 sec

This is my last post from The Big Easy.  It’s time to return to The City Where People Make Up Rules and Regulations For A Living, and Get Promoted By Making Up Even More Numerous And More Restrictive Rules and Regulations.

I was walking to catch a cab this morning and happened by this makeshift flower pot.  It’s really a sugar kettle, used in days gone by for extracting granular sugar from sugarcane.  The cane was boiled in an open flame and, subjected to the heat, the cane slowly began to release its sap.  Continued boiling caused the sap to melt, and impurities to float to the top of the kettle.  These were skimmed off using a wooden handle, and the syrup was transferred to a smaller container where it could be heated to a higher temperature, and even more impurities skimmed off.  After four repetitions of this process, the lumpy sugar was left to dry in the sun, and then it was scooped up and packaged as granulated sugar.

Sad as I am to be leaving The Big Easy, the thought of seeing my family again more than makes up for it.  It’s time to shut down and get on the plane.  Here comes!