Day One Hundred Six: April 15

By: Kevin

Apr 15 2012

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Category: April

Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/125 sec

Last night we noticed that J’s cheeks were a little pink.  “Hmmm, time to get the kiddo a hat” we thought to ourselves, in our infinite 20/20 hindsight vision.  So today I went to church, and then Opa and Aunt D came to celebrate M’s birthday.  Then they went home and we went to the store to buy a helmet for M to wear while riding her new scooter.  Finally, I did some yard work; planting grass seed for the springtime.  M helped me rake and plant.  Mommy and J came out to provide moral support.  Mommy found this hat, sized for a one year-old, that you can see even here is far too big.  I wish I could post video that would show you how the hat flopped around his head as he moved.

I’d like to point out that even at the tender wee age of just four months, J has already nailed the “Daddy would you please stop photographing me?!?” look.  You can tell that he is just barely tolerating me, and not much more than that.