Day Seventy One: March 11

By: Kevin

Mar 11 2012

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Category: March

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We were determined to actually have one day on the playground this weekend in springtime temperatures.  So, today after church, as the temperatures climbed into the low 60s and the wind speed stopped short of “Big Windy” and hovered at merely “Windy”, Mommy remembered the gift card to Tropical Smoothie Cafe that I had given her in her stocking.  So after naptime, Mommy and M went to the library while J and I stayed home to have man time. After J finished eating, he and I walked to the neighborhood park.

We used to go to Tropical Smoothie Cafe a lot when we lived in Virginia Beach.  Those were the heady days before Mommy was Mommy but instead just Love.  We were dual-income, no kids, living a quarter mile from the ocean in a seaside apartment.  We ate out, we took day trips to Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke, Roanoke, and Williamsburg on the weekend, and got up when we wanted and went to bed when we wanted.  So Tropical Smoothie Cafe is not just a yummy treat; it’s also a throwback to a bygone carefree era.

I got my old favorite, Rockin’ Raspberry.  Mommy got Sunrise Sunset.  And we introduced M to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, with a kids’ size smoothie from the limited menu of children’s flavors.  M’s tasted something like an orange creamsicle.  Mommy and M drove from Tropical Smoothie after the trip to the library.  J and I walked from home and met to meet Mommy there.  We began playing.

I should stop to explain that M has a certain “little dog” syndrome.  Ever notice how chihuahuas and dachshunds think they’re great danes?  Yeah, that’s our kid.  She’s petite even for her age, but 100% ready to throw down with the eight year-olds.  The playground has two distinct play areas; one for bigger kids and one for smaller ones.  We kept trying to get her to go to the one for the smaller one, but she wouldn’t listen…the first time saying “There’s no one over there” and when I suggested it the second time, an exasperated “Daddy!!  My people are here!!!”  Yes, dear.  Your people.  Pretty sure you have a role in the future release of Mean Girls II.

Somewhere along the line, M tried Mommy’s Sunrise Sunset smoothie, and whaddayaknow, liked the grownup flavor better than the kids flavor.  Then she kept insisting Mommy “share” with her by offering her Sunrise Sunset.  M, for her sake, likewise “shared” with Mommy by foisting off on Mommy her now-unwanted orange creamsicle smoothie.

So here’s today’s picture of the day; M holding the grownup-size smoothie, and Mommy holding the kid-sized smoothie, with J wrapped against Mommy’s chest.  Your nostalgic treat from days gone by ends up getting snookered by your toddler and you get left with her castoff.  That’s how you know you’re a parent, and that’s the life in a day.