Day Seventy: March 10

By: Kevin

Mar 10 2012

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Category: March

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In the middle of this past week, the weather forecast for today looked sunny and warm, with springlike temperatures.  Mommy, socialite that she was, proposed a get-together with some friends in Clemyjontri Park in McLean.  Except every time the weather forecast was revised, the temperature went down and the wind speed went up.  We ended up meeting at the playground in balmy 35 degrees with winds out of the north-northwest at 15 knots gusting to 25.  M and her friend D played all over the playground for about two hours, which impressed all the grownups with their stamina.

M, for her part, showed off her own skills in meteorology.  This is The M Scale of Wind Speed, non-scientific of course:

0-5 knots:  Little Windy
5-15 knots:  Windy
15+ knots:  Big Windy

Most of today was a Big Windy kind of day.  We tried to have a picnic in the park, but cut it short when everyone was too cold even to eat, much less to go back to playing when it was all done.  This Big Windy life in a day was filled with friends cherished and chores done.