Day Eighty: March 20

By: Kevin

Mar 20 2012


Category: March

Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/30 sec

M has discovered that if she can be compelled to do something by the time Mommy counts to three, then Mommy can theoretically be compelled just the same way.  M is more benevolent and counts to ten, not three.  But tonight, for added effect, while Mommy was sitting down she hit Mommy in the nose just to emphasize that she was serious about whatever it is that she wanted Mommy to do.

This leads to, in the old rhetoric of the Cold War, “Assured Destruction”.  But we are, after all, benevolent dictators…running our fiefdom for the benefit of our charges, so the closest this can come is more like “Assured Time Out”.  M sits down one minute for every year of her age, and the timer starts over if her sit-upon is ever not sat-upon during the two minutes…if she leaves the step.  As you see, there was a very loud weeping and gnashing of teeth, but she did not leave the step.

At the end of the penalty phase, there were apologies, and then there were hugs and, finally, reconciliation.  We went on with our life in a day.  Now if only I could make my ears stop ringing.