Day Eighty Eight: March 28

By: Kevin

Mar 28 2012

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Category: March

Focal Length:33mm
Shutter:1/200 sec

Tonight M hosted a tea party for Mommy.  Except our plucky server would not earn any tip tonight.  This photo was taken half an hour into the tea [sic] party.  M was tired and grumpy from not having napped today.  M asked “Mommy, what would you like to eat and drink?”

Mommy said “I want cake and coffee.”  M kept finding other things to do better than serve Mommy cake and coffee.  After half an hour, the dinner service was declining markedly.  I got out the camera, which made Waitress M even more agitated.  She started throwing plates.

Mommy said “But now I’ll never get my cake and coffee if you throw it across the room.”  This photo was taken moments after M finished shouting “I DON’T CARE!!!”

On this life in a day, our tea party server gets no tip.  But she’s still cute so we guess we’ll keep her anyway.  :-)