Day Forty Nine: February 18

By: Kevin

Feb 18 2012

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Today Oma and Opa came to babysit and Mommy and I ran away to dinner at The Chart House on the water in Old Town Alexandria.  Mommy had an appetizer of crab-stuffed mushrooms followed by seared ahi tuna.  I had a filet mignon with a baked potato.  We both had wine with dinner, and split Hot Lava Cake for dessert.

While there, I learned an important life lesson from watching the poor fellow next to me in the gentleman’s room.  Men, never text while relieving oneself.  As a matter of fact, just consider the two activities mutually exclusive.  If you have to text that bad, odds are your relief can wait.  Similarly, if you need to increase your buoyancy with that sense of urgency, the text can likewise wait.  Let’s just say it put a soaker on the young man’s evening, and now the poor chap will be wearing his self-inflicted mark of shame for the rest of the night.

Before we left, we stopped to take this picture along the docks at the Potomac River, with the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in the background carrying I-95 from Virginia (right side) to Maryland (left side).  A fantastic dinner, the best kind of babysitters, and a life lesson in two activities that should never, ever, be done at the same time.  And that’s the life in a day.

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