Day Fifty Six: February 25

By: Kevin

Feb 25 2012

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This is Lamby.  He’s a rabbit.  Early in that sleep-deprived stupor of having a firstborn without having yet learned coping strategies, any creature that was white and fuzzy must be a lamb.  M has gone through various stages of names for Lamby, first picking up on the blend at the end of his name and calling him “Bia” and now that she’s a little bit older, “Wamby”.

Until recently, Lamby was a boy.  But in the past 4-6 weeks or so, Lamby seems to have entered a transgendered phase, sometimes a male and sometimes a female.  And it can vary back and forth in the same conversation.  So Mommy and I still usually refer to Lamby as a “he”, but every once in awhile, M will refer to Lamby as a “she”.  Hmmm, if we ever get another Lamby that’s a rabbit, we’d better be sure its gender is perfectly out of polarity with this Lamby.  After all, you know what rabbits do when left alone in a toddler’s bed during hours the toddler is about her other business…

Overnight we feared that M had gotten a stomach bug.  But now it seems that whatever she had for lunch on Friday just didn’t agree with her.  M must have known that Oma gave us a carpet shampooer for Christmas, and just before dinner last night, M chose to open the valve like a Texas gusher and return Friday’s lunch.  We spent all of last night and this morning on the watch, but she has felt fine, insisted for most of the day that her stomach did not hurt, ran a body temperature only slightly high, and kept everything else down.  But, nevertheless, just in case we took the necessary precautions.

We had a very low-key morning on the sofa.  M took her afternoon nap, and then when I went in to get her up, she got out of bed and then paused to tuck Lamby back into bed.  M told me it was so that he would feel better.  Lamby stayed tucked in M’s bed all afternoon and all evening, and then at bedtime M untucked Lamby again and climbed back into bed with him again.  Taking care of stuffed animals after Mommy and Daddy take care of you is today’s life in a day.

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