Day Fifty Seven: February 26

By: Kevin

Feb 26 2012

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M is the most “full-speed ahead” sick kid I have ever seen.  Last night, when I wrote about Lamby, we thought she was out of the woods, having not been sick since Friday night at 6 P.M.  She made it all the way to 5 A.M. this morning before she spit up again.  Then she got up for the day at 7:30 and asked for water.  She guzzled it, and ten minutes later went into our room to climb up in bed and say good morning to Mommy…and promptly yaked all over my pillow (thanks, dear!).

So, just to be on the safe side, M stayed home from church today and spent much of her second day in a row encamped on the sofa.  The funny thing is, she shows no signs whatsoever of being sick.  She has a normal temperature, has no nausea, headache, or fever, and there seems no causal relationship between what stays down and what doesn’t.  Even though I personally am convinced that she is 100% fine, we don’t want to be one of “those parents” and get all the other kids sick.

Finally, by late in the afternoon today, it was warm enough and M was feeling energized enough to venture out to the playground near our house.  She talked me into climbing up on the platform with her, but not before she made me pause here for yet more bossing around.  We’re glad that M is feeling, in her own words, “better and better and better”.  And that’s all that we can hope for on this life in a day.

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