Day Fifty One: February 20

By: Kevin

Feb 20 2012

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Focal Length:32mm
Shutter:1/200 sec

Our house is a very literary, and very musical place.  The most frequent question heard in this house is “Why?” but not far behind is “Daddy/Mommy, would you read this to me?  Would you?”  as if that extra “Would you?” were the tiebreaker, as if I weren’t planning to do it but once she added that coda on, then she softened my heart and I agreed.

Except for the Mickey Mouse sing-along book.  That is not a group activity in any way, shape, or form.  The Mickey Mouse sing-along is an independent activity.  If I attempt to sing, she covers my mouth and insists “No Daddy, sttttooooopppp!!!”  This was a gift from Oma and Opa at Christmastime, and has been a hit ever since.  The Mickey  Mouse music player she is holding in her right hand plays the song and then one sings along using the words printed in the book.  This moment’s songs were “This Old Duck” to the tune of “This Old Man”, and on the right side “Ten Little Bunnies” to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”.

Mommy, reading over my shoulder as I type, just informed me that when I am not home, M is completely different; than when it’s just the three of them, she sits next to Mommy and sings the songs to J.  Huh, so it IS just me.  Whaddayaknow?

So here’s M, sitting on the sofa, not even tall enough that her legs bend at the knee…feet sticking out from beyond the top of her book, revealing the Elmo slippers on her feet.  Pushing the color-coded buttons on the music player and singing along to “This Old Duck”.  Being banned from reading or singing frees me up to take today’s picture.  And shooting while I’m banned from singing is today’s life in a day.

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