Day Two: January 2

By: Kevin

Jan 02 2012

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A cold front blew through overnight.  Yesterday’s high was 61.  Today’s is 39.  Accordingly, this Federal observance of the New Year holiday finds us indoors; doing laundry, chores, and errands.  But there was time for the lunch of champions:  chicken nuggets and dip.  In this case, the dip was ketchup, but be not fooled.  Every liquid substance into which food can be dipped is “dip”, whether that stuff is ketchup, mustard, syrup, steak sauce, salsa, or as we learned back in December, wasabi paste.  Yep, M eats it all.

Chicken and dip is normally consumed with cucumber sticks, but this time since she had just had not one but two clementine oranges, she wasn’t hungry for anything else.  After M and J wake up from naps, there may be some kind of free outing in the works…Mommy and Daddy are starting to get cabin fever.

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