Day Thirteen: January 13

By: Kevin

Jan 13 2012

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This is the first post from beyond the immediate confines of our home, or our small little neighborhood.  Tonight, while doing the choreographed dance of bathing and getting two kids to bed, Mommy smiled and batted her eyelashes in a way that only precedes her sweet voice:  “Hooonnnneeeeyyyy, willlll yooouuuu do me a favor?” and then she tries to look all innocent.  This time she smacked her lips and said “It’s time for something sweet.  I need a milkshake.”

So I bathed both kids, and watched Jeopardy! with J while Mommy read a story to M.  Then I gave J a bath and handed him off to Mommy, and ran off to McDonald’s.  It’s our first trip for non-necessities of running the house in at least a week.  The chance to get out and buy something other than diapers or milk?  Totally worth $5.19.

From the department of Totally Useless but Really Cool:  Tonight’s Final Jeopardy! category was called “Presidential Running Mates”, and the question was “This Presidential pair’s inaugural feast included roast lobster with lemon butter glaze and prime rib of beef au jus.”  At first I thought “What a totally random and useless question.” but then suddenly I stumbled on the answer.  Turns out I got it right but none of the contestants did.  Can you guess the Presidential pair that would have dined on lobster and prime rib?  (Be fair:  disclosure required if you also caught the show.)

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  1. I’m going to guess Kennedy and Johnson. Lobster and prime rib seems fitting for Massachusetts and Texas.

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