Day Eighteen: January 18

By: Kevin

Jan 18 2012

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Uncle Chris and Aunt Kat sent the last of the Christmas gifts today, including the play-doh you see here, for M.  Now M loves her some play-doh.  So much so that when Uncle Chris and Aunt Kat were here in the fall, M asked them to play play-doh with her.  In this way, I am in an eternal hole from which I shall never climb out of.

You see, Uncle Chris and Aunt Kat are both art school graduates.  BFAs both, they work in the creative industry in Los Angeles.  They took classes in modeling with clay.  Difficult classes.  Which they paid thousands of dollars for.  In order to receive instruction from industry-leading faculty in the latest and greatest avant garde designs for working in clay, apparently including play-doh.

Your intrepid hero?  I can make snakes and pizzas.

Uncle Chris and Aunt Kat, in contrast, make snowmen, and crocodiles, and the DNA double-helix form, oh, and models of M herself.  OK, I am kidding only about the DNA double-helix.  The rest of it, they put me to shame.  I make untopped, ragged pizzas.  They make garden fresh veggie pizzas, where it’s plainly obvious which are the olives and which are the roma tomatoes.  I make snakes.  The snakes I make, well, you get to pick which is the forward-going end and which is the caboose, because, really, they all look the same to everyone.  But a snake made by Uncle Chris and Aunt Kat?  Yeah, they make the eastern woodland copperhead, but the species native to Virginia, which you can tell because its pattern of scales are different than those native to North Carolina.

Play-doh has never been the same since Uncle Chris and Aunt Kat came to visit.  I did branch out today, though.  I realized if you made two snakes and smushed both ends into the table, one right after the other, you could make the McDonald’s arches.  But that’s not what M had ordered up.  No, she wanted a horse.  Just not a cow, since cows are scary.  While M works to follow in her aunt and uncle’s creative footsteps, orange play-doh is today’s episode of The Life in a Day.

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  1. Not sure about “native Virginian eastern woodland copperhead” bit…

  2. Get her a pair of the playdoh scissors and let her CUT the snakes into pieces. Works like a charm when you’re out of creative ideas!! :)

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