Day One Hundred Fourteen: April 24

By: Kevin

Apr 24 2014

Category: April

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Drink with me
To days gone by
To the life that used
To be!

Let the wine of friendship never run dry.
At the shrine of friendship, never say die!
Here’s to you,
and here’s to me.
Les Miserables

Tonight I had the pleasure of driving a short distance from home to meet up with my old college roommate, who was in town for just one night.  Dr. Doug went on through medical school and all of the internship, residency, and fellowship that followed and is now a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician.  The occasion that brought him to town was the 5th reunion of his medical school class.

We shared a bottle of wine between us and caught up on old times.  Dr. Doug shared photos of his new life in the big city, along with pictures of classmates we shared.  Some are married, some have children.  It was a far cry from the all-night games of RISK that we used to play in the basement lounge of the dormitory.

Five years ago, newborn M went to Dr. Doug’s graduation.  She turned one month old that day.  Years later, M will start Kindergarten in the fall, Dr. Doug is at his 5th medical reunion, and all of those people in his pictures and I have a ten year college reunion coming up later this spring.  We marveled at the great success of our friends; attorneys, physicians, educators, diplomats, public servants, and little pedestrian old me, a humble consultant.  We remembered old times and celebrated new ones.  We talked about the transition from the early phase of our respective careers to the middle phase of our careers – and what we thought we wanted for the decade to come.

On this life in a day, I give thanks for my friend Dr. Doug.  I give thanks for his skill to save life and restore others on the path back to the life more abundant.  I give thanks for his friendship and the friendship of all whom I hold dear.  I give thanks for a friend to raise a glass with, and his family who extended such a generous hospitality.  Pray for us, that even sixty or seventy years from now, we will still be raising our glasses together and remembering old times, Here’s to you, and here’s to me.